essentially contested concepts

Dictionary of sociology. 2013.

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  • Essentially contested concept — In a paper delivered to the Aristotelian Society on 12 March 1956, [Published immediately as Gallie (1956a); a later, slightly altered version appears in Gallie (1964).] Walter Bryce Gallie (1912 ndash;1998) introduced the term essentially… …   Wikipedia

  • Essentially Contested Concept — Das Essentially Contested Concept (deutsch in etwa: „notwendigerweise umkämpfter Begriff“) ist eine auf den britischen Sozialwissenschaftler Walter Bryce Gallie (1956) zurückgehende Idee, dass abstrakte Ideen wie z.B. “Demokratie” oder “Freiheit” …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • concepts — The terminological means by which social scientists seek to analyse social phenomena, to classify the objects of the observed world, impart meaning through explanation to these phenomena, and formulate higher level propositions on the basis of… …   Dictionary of sociology

  • Neoliberalismus — (aus altgriechisch νέος neos „neu“, und lat. liberalis „die Freiheit betreffend“) ist eine begriffliche Neuschöpfung, die zuerst 1938 vom französischen Ökonomen Bernard Lavergne als néo liberalisme geprägt[1] und noch im gleichen Jahr auf… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • W. B. Gallie — Walter Bryce Gallie (1912 1998) was a British social theorist, political theorist and philosopher.Gallie grew up in a British boarding school and later published his memoirs of this in the book An English School . He taught at University College …   Wikipedia

  • Argumentation theory — Argumentation theory, or argumentation, embraces the arts and sciences of civil debate, dialogue, conversation, and persuasion; studying rules of inference, logic, and procedural rules in both artificial and real world settings. Argumentation is… …   Wikipedia

  • David Collier (political scientist) — David Collier (born February 17, 1942) is Chancellor’s Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley. He works in the fields of comparative politics, Latin American politics, and methodology. Recent co authored and co… …   Wikipedia

  • Democracy promotion — Democracy promotion, which can also be referred to as democracy assistance, or democracy building, is a strand of foreign policy adopted by governments and international organizations that seek to support the spread of democracy as a political… …   Wikipedia

  • КОНЦЕПЦИИ, ОСПАРИВАЕМЫЕ ПО СУЩЕСТВУ — (essentially contested concepts) Концепции, правильное использование которых неизменно вызывает бесконечные споры об их правильном использовании теми, кто их использует (У. Б. Галли) (W. B. Gallie). Такие концепции составляют гипотетический… …   Политология. Словарь.

  • Ambiguity — Sir John Tenniel s illustration of the Caterpillar for Lewis Carroll s Alice s Adventures in Wonderland is noted for its ambiguous central figure, whose head can be viewed as being a human male s face with a pointed nose and pointy chin or being… …   Wikipedia

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